BCA Monday Morning Minutes

Welcome to BCA’s Monday Morning minutes. These one-minute videos are designed to provide snippets of information most relevant in today’s healthcare industry news. Feel free to peruse through our archive to see information on a variety of topics including: coding 99211, Medical Decision Making in the office, appropriate diagnosis reporting, importance of quality documentation, improving problem lists, accurate UDS/HEDIS reporting, etc. If you don’t see a topic you would like to know more about here, feel free to send us your questions by filling out the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Episode 18: Combination Codes
Episode 17: Illness and Behavioral Health
Episode 16: Diabetes with Complications
Episode 15: Improving Problem Lists Part 2
Episode 14: Improving Problem Lists Part 1
Episode 13: COVID Medication
Episode 12: Pregnancy complications
Episode 11: Social disparities
10: Unspecified depression
Episode 9: FQHC COVID specimen collection
Episode 8: Office visit and MDM for labs
Episode 7: MDM vs Time
Episode 6: Two clinicians one encounter
Episode 5: 99211 in the FQHC
Episode 4: Undiagnosed New Problem
Episode 3: Telehealth without patient present
Episode 1: About Us
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