2023 E/M Guideline Changes

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Finally, the long-awaited E/M Guideline Changes for Hospital and Other E/M Services are here!

In this webinar, we’ll walk through code revisions and deletions and explore how to build a hospital service code based on MDM. Time-based coding guidelines for included activities and time parameters will now be applied to those encounters that require significant behind-the-scenes work. Nursing home services, consolidation of rest home/domiciliary service codes, prolonged service coding options – the list goes on!

January ushers in significant guideline revisions bringing welcome relief to the current coding drudgery. Clinicians will no longer have to worry whether a patient qualifies for inpatient vs. observation status when selecting their service code. We will see the removal of “bean-counting” requirements for history and exam elements, with guidelines aligning with the outpatient service changes we saw in 2021.

Webinar will be available on-demand by December 16th.