UDS Quality Measures and HRSA compliance

Did you know that one of the compliance pieces of an FQHC is their quality program? Some clinics may refer to this as their CQI or QIQA committee/team. Part of this compliance program is based on accurate data in patient records, which coders can often assist with collecting. This data is then required to be assessed on at least a quarterly basis through systematic means from patient records. This area is reviewed every three years for compliance by HRSA during their Site Visit. This review is to test provider adherence to current evidence-based clinical guidelines, standards of care, and standards of practice, along with any adverse events to assure patient safety. Many targeted goals in the QIQA program relate to our UDS quality measures. For example, if you’ve ever wondered why your clinic is so focused on getting A1c numbers down in your diabetic patient population, that directly relates to a UDS quality measure. We’ve included some resources below for you to dig in deeper if you need more information. BCA is also available as a resource for your coding, compliance, and reporting questions!

HRSA Compliance Manual for QIQA


HRSA Site Visit Protocol for QIQA


HRSA Diabetes Quality Improvement


Diabetes eCQM


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