UDS Reporting Update

As UDS reporting deadlines have surfaced, it’s important to know the HRSA Health Center Program FAQs about UDS reporting have recently been updated.

Fun Fact: Beginning with the 2023 UDS reporting cycle, HSRA will also accept patient-level report data using Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources.

The following HRSA FAQ page https://bphc.hrsa.gov/datareporting/reporting/faqs is a great resource to visit common questions about UDS reporting, such as:

What is the UDS Modernization Initiative?

What is the benefit of UDS+ for health centers?

What are some examples of how UDS+ will improve data granularity?

How will UDS+ change how health centers report UDS data?

What tables will continue to be accepted in the traditional aggregated format?

How can health centers prepare for UDS Modernization overall, and UDS+ implementation?

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