BCA Coding Services

Simplify Your Coding Practices while Maximizing Revenue

At BCA, we always want to stay ahead of our client’s needs. With the ever-changing landscape of the healthcare industry and ongoing demands for FQHCs, we’ve found that there’s an immense need to support our Community Health Center partners with claims coding support.

This is due in part to the pandemic, but more so due to the decrease in qualified, experienced coders within the service area of our health centers. Our team will work to understand your organization’s unique strengths and weaknesses. BCA can help you implement appropriate coding strategies and assure claims data matches up with clinical documentation.

Not only is the BCA team well-versed in appropriate CPT/HCPCS service code reporting, but they also have experience in helping organizations better understand diagnosis reporting, risk adjustment coding, performance measure capture, UDS reporting and how to improve ICD10CM accuracy. As more payers are negotiating reimbursement based on the risk of the clinician’s patient population, we see the healthcare industry moving away from traditional fee-for-service reimbursement to one based on value. Accurately capturing all the conditions of your unique patient population has never been more important.

The BCA team can help meet your needs with our FQHC-experienced coding team partnering with your revenue team to produce quality results. The BCA team is:

  • Proficient in FQHC coding
  • Well balanced with speed and accuracy
  • Onshore, AAPC certified and have dedicated managers
  • Excellent with client communication/transparency
  • Reliable in claims resolution processes
  • Able to provide rapid implementation when needed/requested
  • Available for ongoing provider support based on coding trends

Short and long-term contracts are available based on client needs

BCA Coding Offerings* Include:
Daily claims coding support – review of clinician code assignment for cleanliness of claims, modifier application, diagnosis coding accuracy.
Risk Adjustment coding support – review encounter notes for capture of appropriate diagnosis codes for risk adjustment reporting.
Denied claims review – analysis of claims information versus encounter documentation for completeness of claim and appropriate linking of codes and services for claim resubmission
                *medical, dental and behavioral health 

Benefits of Accurate Coding:

  • Reduces risk of audit failure
  • Improves patient care and clinical outcomes
  • Informs other providers of accurate patient status
  • Represents workload of healthcare providers
  • Paints a clear picture of patient population acuity
  • Determines need for other services, eg; Chronic Care Management
  • Provides opportunities for:
                    Capitated payments
                    Federal Grants
                    Increased Payment Rates

If you find yourself struggling with a decrease in staff productivity, lack of coding accuracy, growing, and aging accounts receivable, lack of qualified coders, ongoing shifts in payer requirements, lack of visibility into data, or pressure for cost reductions, scheduling a consultation with BCA is the first step in growing your business and discovering new opportunities.

Whatever your coding needs are, BCA is the perfect partner to help you enhance your revenue cycle processes. Contact us to learn more.