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Discover CCEP: Unlock Your Medical Coding Potential with BCA’s Comprehensive Course!

Are you ready to become a skilled medical coder, or looking to advance your career in this field? Look no further! Our comprehensive on-demand web classes are tailored to meet your needs. CCEP offers specialized preparation for national coding certification, making it the ideal educational opportunity for aspiring medical coders.

Even if you’re not pursuing national certification, CCEP still has much to offer. Our classes cover a wide range of essential topics, including coding, documentation, compliance education, and medical terminology and anatomy related to coding assignments. We also prioritize teaching the use of references, coding tools, payer/reimbursement issues, as well as instilling strong compliance and ethics considerations.

To enhance your learning experience, we offer either an instructor-led 26 week live course, or on-demand, self-paced learning with weekly opportunities for you to connect with a Live Instructor, ensuring that your journey to success is fully supported.

Before embarking on your journey towards a medical coding certification, it’s essential to possess a solid understanding of medical terminology, anatomy, and pathophysiology. Proficiency in these areas empowers medical coders to perform precise and efficient coding.

For those with a solid educational or professional background encompassing medical terminology, anatomy, and pathophysiology, you are well-prepared for this course. However, if these essential foundations are not part of your background, it is advisable to engage in some form of a fundamentals of medicine course. Such courses are indispensable, as all certification exams thoroughly evaluate your proficiency in the fundamental aspects of medicine.

Upon payment and registration processing, and after enrollment approval, you will receive a confirmation email with course access instructions. We understand that payment at once can be a barrier to this education and we’ve now partnered with PayPal for multiple payment options, which are available upon checkout.

Our commitment to personalized attention means that each class session will have a maximum capacity of 25 students. We take pride in offering a high-quality learning experience. Rest assured, your educational journey with us will be engaging and enriching, as we maintain a focus on excellence and individualized learning opportunities. We’re here to cater to your needs with multiple sessions offered throughout the year, based on student registration interest. Embrace this opportunity to enhance your skills and knowledge with us.

Registration Information:

  • This is a college level course. Students’ success will be a direct reflection of the work they put into the course.
  • Enrollees may select either a 26-week instructor-led course or a 6-month access to on-demand, self-paced learning with live learning labs.
  • Students must have access to a laptop or desktop computer as well as a reliable high speed internet connection. A microphone and camera are required to attend live labs or training and communicate with your advisor and will be required for a remote proctored exam.
  • Required books are not included in the cost of the course. Estimated book cost should be around $500.
  • Successful completion of this course is dependent upon a passing grade on a proctored and timed final exam. The proctor can be a supervisor and must be approved by BCA, Inc.
  • National certification exam fees are not included in the course. Students are responsible for pursuing certification if they would like to become certified.

Special 35th Brown Consulting (BCA) Anniversary Rate $1,425 ($2,195 Standard)

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Updated November 14th, 2022

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BCA does not offer financial aid or incremental payment options. CCEP coursework does not qualify for federal student loans. This course is not accredited with any institution and, as such, will not qualify for college credits.

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